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pjbvfs project added [13.05.02]

Added new project for the pjbvfs gnome-vfs module

Draft pjbsdk website [10.03.02]

This is the first attempt to build a unified website for all information on the pjbsdk, and the projects based upon it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright © 2002 by Mark humphreys

What license is this software released under?

The actual pjbsdk itself is GPLed, some of the required libraries are release under the LGPL

How do I join in the fun of development?

Hey, the more the merrier! This project is maintained in the SourceForge (gawd bless'em), so you can either create a SourceForge membership and request to join the project, or download the source from CVS (or the tarball/source packages) and submit patches / requests to the team.

I cannot build the kernel module, what am I doing wrong?

Although this is not really the right place to ask (you should be asking the openpjb sdk team), the usual problem is not having the correct source for the kernel you are building against. Make sure that the kernel include files are from the actually kernel version you are building against.The steps to correctly compile the kernel module are detailed in the Getting Started section of the documentation.

I have built the module, but still cannot see the pjb100 device, what am I doing wrong?

The steps to correctly install the kernel module are given in the Getting Started section of the documentation.

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© 2002 - Mark Humphreys