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pjbvfs project added [13.05.02]

Added new project for the pjbvfs gnome-vfs module

Draft pjbsdk website [10.03.02]

This is the first attempt to build a unified website for all information on the pjbsdk, and the projects based upon it.

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Useful Links

PJB suppliers

Manufacturer's website

Manufacturer site. Firmware downloads also available


Another place to purchase a pjb100

pjbox (UK)

If your in the UK, order from here

pjbox (de)

Get it here as well (in Europe)

Download SDK

Original Compaq SDK download

FAQs, upgrade HOWTOs, etc.

PJB100 Device FAQ

Detailed FAQ about the actual device itself

Ghosting your PJB100

Easy to follow HOWTO for ghosting your PJB100 harddrive

Hard Drive Upgrade

Upgrade the harddisk in your PJB100 (So easy even I could follow it!)

Web links


Open Source Web Designs


All about web standards

Linux links


Locate any missing RPMS required for installation.

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