PJBSDK Reference Manual

Compaq Corporate Research

The OpenPJB Project

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Table of Contents
TOC description — PJB TOC description
pjbsdk-version — Version of the PJBSDK
pjbapi (libpjbapi)
ebuf — Routines to manipulate EBUFs
queue — Doubly-linked queue routines
pjbapi — Personal Jukebox RPC API implementation
pjbproto — PJB Protocol packet build routines
usbctl — USB "Control" module
pjbtoc (libpjbtoc)
allocblock — Allocation Unit definitions
allocmap — Allocation Map operations
bitmap — "C" implementation of Bitmap class
mp3reader — MP3 Read / Write / Info functions
pjbtoc — High-level PJB operations
ptrarray — "Pointer Array" class
toc — Implementation of the TOC class